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Saturday, September 06, 2008


I found a few great places to promote work., Twitter (get their badge for your blog),, It's a good starter list.


Helen Ginger said...

I Twitter and I've heard of, but know nothing of Ringsurf and AddThis. How much time do these take? You clearly think they're worth the time -- why?

I'm really interested. People constantly say, sign up for this and this and this -- and I'm wondering how you choose, how you decide what's worth your limited time.

ghostposts said...

I don't know yet about ring surf. I'm still testing it. I lin the little pic, though. Add this gives people th chance to promote the sotry currently on the blog.Seems like a good idea.

I' trying to get the blog to show the blogrush pic but it doesn't seem to like it. Funny.

ghostposts said...

I guess my choices have to do with A) what people whose input I trust, B) the number of hits the promotion tool has generated for others, and C if the can be posted without messing up the looks of the blog.

And, I try not to notice the time it takes if the too looks good. Add this was fast and easy, though.

Follow up:

I took off ringsurf. I went to their site an checked my kisting and foud a hotlink to another site.

ghostposts said...

Sorry. Dyslexia kicked in. :P