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Thursday, September 04, 2008

from sfreader

SFReader is pleased to offer reviews on speculative fiction novels and anthologies (all flavors of science fiction, fantasy, and horror). We don't review other genres (such as mystery, western, romance, etc.).

If you're an author or publisher of a speculative fiction novel or the editor of an anthology and would like to post a review of your book, you have two options:

Option 1:

Send one (1) copy of the book to SFReader's Review Editor Pete S. Allen at:

Pete S. Allen Review Editor
1832 18th Ave
Forest Grove OR 97116

Do not send two copies.

Pete will make the book available to's stable of volunteer reviewers. Posting time could be as short as a few days or as long as a few months – it is entirely possible the book will not be reviewed at all (see special notes below).

Option 2:

Effective immediately, it is no longer necessary to send review copies to the editor to have them considered for review. Because of a number of recent changes, not least of which the staggering increase in postage for parcels (especially outside the US) and the advent of the LibraryThing website, we have decided to cut out a step, and save the authors and publishers (and ourselves) some postage – so...

To have your book considered for review, send the following information in an email to the editor (Pete AT sfreader dot com):

* Title
* Author
* Publication date
* Publisher name
* Contact email address – this is VERY important. This is the address we will need in case the book is chosen for review. It is best if this is a public address – as it will also show on the book's description on the LT catalogue.

The procedure:

* you send an email to Pete with the aforementioned information
* Pete adds the book to the LT catalogue, with the appropriate tag
* The reviewers, who go over the list regularly, see a book they want, and hey, if it's yours, yippee!
* Pete then gets hold of the book's contact person, and tells them where to send the book.
* End result – if chosen, the book only gets mailed once, and if not chosen, publisher or author need not mail the book at all.

Make sure and read the page itself and the special notes before sending your book:

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