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Sunday, August 30, 2015

PULP DEN: Dragon Creed

PULP DEN: Dragon Creed: Dragon Creed (Fantasy) By Susie Hawes Recondite Publications ASIN # Pre-publication Price $ NKY 143 Pages Rating 5-Stars ...

“Dragons, Elves, and Shape-shifters,
and loads of Fun.”
When city officials hang his master, Mordo the
Magician, his apprentice 15-year-old Farquarte the Orphan, is unable to find
work. With nowhere else to turn, he heads for Fechum the Dragon’s mountain lair,
where he hopes to learn magic from the old dragon. Fechum isn’t too keen on the
idea at first, threatening to eat him instead. But with more problems arising
from the government authorities of Krugerville, the dragon decides to keep the
young boy; he can clean out the cave, at least.
The old dragon diligently guards his treasure of gold,
and keeps his eye on his new apprentice, while the city authorities keep trying
to tax them or turn the dragon’s cave into a tourist attraction. Farquarte gets
into all kinds of mischief while trying to scheme against the town’s people and
the old dragon. Will the human boy end up with the gold, or will the old dragon
cook him with his fiery breath, or will the town folks have the final say? 

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