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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Reality check

writers burnout?

Got a dose of reality the other day...not a tasty spoonful. First I log onto speculations, and the posted topic in the forefront was filled with questions that I've always faced down. Sci fi, and spec fic in general, is loaded with authors who are hard pressed to place their work. Dwindling markets, low pay...the usual.

Then I log into one of my favorite writers' forums (I have 4) and find that one of the founding members there is hanging up her pen. Ouch! No reason given other that her life is out of control. Outside factors seem to be interfering with her choices, forcing her to chose between making her life work and pursuing her dream.

Once gain, I have to ask myself. Why do I do this?The answer, as always, is as easy as breathing.

Because I can't not do this. It's part of who I am.

To those who might come across this: Whoever you are, if you're questioning yourself, take time out, if you have to, but don't walk away forever. It would be like amputating part of your spirit. Self expression is a basic human need, whether it takes the form of rose, poetry, painting...So what if you never make a million. You've shared a vision, or made someone laugh or think or shiver. You've had to stretch yourself and step away from your ego, learning new things about the world around you and the world within. You've got something good going. Don't lose it.