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Monday, December 07, 2015

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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Smashwords – Dragon Creed – a book by Susie Hawes

Smashwords – Dragon Creed – a book by Susie Hawes

Fed up of the rich few controlling the lives of everyone else, Farquarte
decides enough is enough. With plans to open a casino, assisted by
dwarves and drow, he believes things will positively change for the poor
as well as the magical beings that are forced to live on reservations.
But with ruthless officials determined to stop him, the casino is the
furthest thing from Farquarte's mind...

 When the going gets tough, be a dragon!

At least that's what
Farquarte decides to do when he finds himself destitute and alone - but
that's just the start of his problems. After the Sorcerer Demon wreaked
havoc on the world, humans herded all the magical races onto
reservations to live life according to human law, dragons included. But
not for much longer if Farquarte has anything to do about it.

“I’m thinking of opening a casino on the reservation. You know, like the elves.”

“I understand they didn’t do too good.”

“That’s because the Crown taxed the life out of them. They try that with me, I’ll eat the tax collector.”

a Fiery Wash of Dragon’s Vengeance or worse - especially after his
shenanigans involving the Mayor of Krugerville’s daughter - government
officials begrudgingly agree to Farquarte’s demands. But he still needs
help, so Farquarte travels with Fechum, his dragon father, to gain the
trust of the dwarves and the drow. Seeing how harsh their lives are, and
growing increasingly frustrated at the rich few taxing everyone else
into poverty, Farquarte decides to do something about it.

“Dad, I
grew up dirt poor. I guess I thought poverty was normal. I didn’t know
it could get better until I saw those fancy houses in Schoffield.” Dad’s
silence encouraged me to continue. “The King taxes the life out of
these people. He and his paid lackeys have more than enough, while
everyone else starves.”

“Do you think the casino will change all that?”

will milk the rich. Then the poor a will get a taste of the good things
in life. Maybe they’ll see there are some things worth fighting for.”
My wings beat the air, carrying me above the clouds, away from the
depressing landscape. “Hopefully, once the King and his oppressive
government are gone, the magical folk should come out of hiding. The
land will repair itself and we can find a decent wizard to bring you
back to life.”

But they hadn’t bargained on the ruthlessness of
some officials determined to stop Farquarte once and for all. Now, with
the balance of power dramatically altered, the casino is the furthest
thing from Farquarte’s mind…

Sunday, August 30, 2015

PULP DEN: Dragon Creed

PULP DEN: Dragon Creed: Dragon Creed (Fantasy) By Susie Hawes Recondite Publications ASIN # Pre-publication Price $ NKY 143 Pages Rating 5-Stars ...

“Dragons, Elves, and Shape-shifters,
and loads of Fun.”
When city officials hang his master, Mordo the
Magician, his apprentice 15-year-old Farquarte the Orphan, is unable to find
work. With nowhere else to turn, he heads for Fechum the Dragon’s mountain lair,
where he hopes to learn magic from the old dragon. Fechum isn’t too keen on the
idea at first, threatening to eat him instead. But with more problems arising
from the government authorities of Krugerville, the dragon decides to keep the
young boy; he can clean out the cave, at least.
The old dragon diligently guards his treasure of gold,
and keeps his eye on his new apprentice, while the city authorities keep trying
to tax them or turn the dragon’s cave into a tourist attraction. Farquarte gets
into all kinds of mischief while trying to scheme against the town’s people and
the old dragon. Will the human boy end up with the gold, or will the old dragon
cook him with his fiery breath, or will the town folks have the final say? 

read the rest at Pulp den


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sojourners in Shadows

Straker is on a mission to find and return the ultimate mutant, Gilgamesh, to his people - the only ones with its activation key. With reconnaissance and a little help from an inferior race, Straker advances towards the Air Marshall's heavily guarded home. It's his stealth and strong will as a second generation ultra-mutant which makes him see success as the only outcome. This mission is his life.

Release Date: 29th May 2015

In a time no one knows when, a man, Dylan Winter, cast the world into hell. Sick of the human race and its bickering, unable to stomach any more of its shallow, pointless existence, he chose to teach mankind a lesson. He opened the door to the Shadow World, the dimension on the edge of reality, where nightmares lurked and the monsters of myth were inspired from. He was the first to die and millions followed. The world became infested, terror was widespread, and the human race responded. Badly. . . .

read a short description of the upcoming Sojourn in shadows, the new book by Steven Beeho, coming soon from Recondite Publications

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rare VintageRare Vintage by David L. Felts

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very good! Dave Felts has a way of crafting characters, building tension and plotting a story so that the reader can barely stand to put the book down.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Recondite Publications - Our team

Recondite Publications - Our team

this is the lady who did the book cover for Dragon Creed.

Rocks, don't it?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bewildering Stories home page

Bewildering Stories home page

my story, Just to Talk, will be posted on the 18th.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015 Armand Rosamilia: Quick April Update for Authors Supporting Our Troops #ASOT2015




 Quick April Update for Authors Supporting Our

Troops #ASOT2015

We’ve broken the 2,000 author-signed books in and I’m quite excited. The books themselves have been trickling in at a much slower pace. I’m confident more people will share the event page and especially the permanent page and get more authors involved. 
Remember… the event itself might technically last until May 1st but I won’t stop collecting books for the year… last year 2,500 books came in the first 4 months and another 500 the rest of the year. Great numbers. I’d still like to beat them both this year if possible. 
One great thing has already happened… with so many #ASOT2015 shirt sales and generous donations coming in, we will have more than enough money in the coffers to pay for at least 3,500 books! I want to thank everyone who has helped make this possible, and so quickly. 
Our goal is to do one more #ASOT2015 shirt the first week of May so everyone who missed out can still get one. And the money from the profits will get added in to begin the 2016 event (yes, there will be one) and in the event we get more books than we’re gauging for (which would be a cool thing). I’ll give you more details in May on the next shirt, which will be the last one for 2015. 
That being said, we are still in need of many author-signed books, so please keep spreading the word about it. Every book counts.
We are also in need of more soldiers as well. If we’re going to guess we’ll get in another 1,500 books, that means roughly 15 more soldier addresses are needed. Remember, we need soldiers in remote areas of the world with no access to the things we take for granted like game systems and e-readers. Get in touch with me at for more information on any of this, please and thank you!
Finally… from about April 16th until May 1st I will be out of pocket, and out of the country for some of it. I’m getting married to Special Gal on April 18th with a honeymoon to follow. This means no phone, no internet… nothing. I will truly be gone with her for awhile. 
Any books coming in will be piled up by my son but not opened. When I return I will start the task of catching up on the new arrivals with separating them into boxes to be shipped, pictures for Facebook, etc. 
Again… thank you for all the hard work and for making this possible. I wish I was allowed to share some of the latest pictures I’ve received. The faces on the men and women protecting our country is priceless. If things change for certain units in the world and they allow me to share, I will do so…
Armand Rosamilia

Events - Arcane Publishing

Events - Arcane Publishing