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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Phobia magazine

Phobia has its first review and a thumbs up! -

Sun 11:37am
Crafty and tawdry, artwork to die for and words to kill you.

Visually enticing, you'll be hooked!

~Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc Best Selling, Triple Award Winning Horror Sinisteria Author.

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Great news!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

a canticle?

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en Rantus Corpus ... or, something like that.

* Apr. 18th, 2009 at 2:43 PM

after hearing about it I finally got my hands on A Canticle for Leibowitz. It's brilliant, funny, with sharp dialog. The plotting is clever and telling, a warning of the proliferation of arms, post apocalyptic absurdism, almost.

but it's so heavily dependant on the religious and political structure of the catholic church that i feel as if i'm missing half the story, both in attitude and in actual text.

it feels like an affectionate nod to the church as well as a satire, not only of their structure (and therefore man's penchant to complicate religion) but a comment on man's tendency to worship, or at least lable a mystery, anything he doesn't understand. a bit biting, if taken to mean that man has made a god out of a misunderstood man, and yet very like some people to do so.

it seems like the church is a metaphore for man himself, and there is its brilliance, and the wonderful irony of having a jewish man turn out to be a catholic saint, whose to do list is considered a holy relic, oh, i love it.

but there we go with that darned latin. hey, i'm a southern baptist. the only latin i know is coitus interruptus.

and what the hell is a canticle anyway?
and why should i care?

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[info]ghostposts wrote:
Apr. 18th, 2009 08:19 pm (UTC)
did you follow the link?
if you think it sounds ok i'm gonna cross post it
The Chasetown Arms says:
sounds fine
susie says:
i'm pissed at the world
a perfectly wonderful book and i'm only getting half of the damned thing
The Chasetown Arms says:
lol that is really annoying
susie says:
so much for our local educational system
texas sux
insert really obnoxious lolspeak here
The Chasetown Arms says:
well you have a famous ex governor
susie says:
i reckon ah had thet cummin
The Chasetown Arms says:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Old Monster Speaks

Old Monster's Abattoir

Reader Mail

Another letter to the Old Monster for your perusal, and it is a dilly! Nothing like throwing a near imponderable to put you into bad case of writer’s block is there? Questions like this one make me sweat frankly so I think I’ll just scratch the surface a bit and hope she can get her research on. Poor kid has one hell of a learning curve ahead of her.

Dear Old Monster,

I have been locked in my parents basement for the last eight years. What should I know about the real world?

In The Dark And Out Of The Loop

PS: Please help me Old Monster, you’re my only hope!

I’m sorry to have to break this to you, Leia, but if I’m your only hope then I think you’re boned. I’ll have to assume you are somewhere around eighteen for simplicity’s sake as there is no single answer to a question like this. After all, most adults don’t get locked in the basement by their parents, do they? A lot of them should be, but that’s beside the point.

I hardly know where to start. Politically it’s been a hell of an eight years. We’re wrapped up in a war in Iraq that we started over, now get this, a person who didn’t orchestrate an attack the World Trade Center killing thousands, didn’t attack us, didn’t attack our allies, and didn’t have illegal weapons of mass destruction stashed around his country in violation of UN sanctions, and wasn’t hiding Al Quiada operatives in his country. Not when we attacked anyway. Don’t even get me started on who and/or what Al Quaida is… you’ll figure it out soon enough if your Google Fu is strong.

Soooooo– we fragged his country… yeah. Oh, before I forget we also attacked another country and overturned it’s government… sort of. The women still wear Burkas but I hear three men in Kabul have started using toilet paper. Worth every penny of the billions we’ve spent on the invasions, yes?

On the home front we’ve become obsessed with trivial celebrity and shallow attention whoring marketed as reality television. You’ll note that Reality Television is an oximoron. It’s no more real than a cartoon and frankly it barely qualifies as television. This, and its pornographic counterpart the “Girls Gone Wild” videos, allow shows to be made at very low overhead. It’s easy to make a show that doesn’t require plot or storyline (or script writers) and it will likely make a ton of money even if it flops. Television like this almost makes me miss Gilligan’s Island. Almost.

It never took much to achieve celebrity status of course. If you don’t believe me take a look at Paris Hilton. She bought her way into the spotlight regardless of her complete lack of talent, common sense, and a measurable IQ. These things aren’t necessary these days if you start out rich or know who to screw. And before you older folks get on that high horse of yours save it… does the name Zsa Zsa Gabor mean anything to you?

Culturally we aren’t much better off. Wonderful devices such as The cellphone and the PDA and the bastard offspring of both have spared us from the hardships of communicating on the go, personal organization, and literacy; to say nothing of reading comprehension. But you’ll sure look bitchin’ with that Blue tooth headset on behind the wheel of your SUV so no worries, image is everything!

The internet has performed the same purpose of course, but with better graphics and easier input. It seems that the improvements in ease of use of a given bit of technology are inversely proportionate to the decline in most people’s ability to make use of said device. A quick, comprehensive way to frappe’ a human brain in record time. Go Hulu Go!

A few more advancements like these and we won’t need schools. Some fencing around the back forty will keep the sheep contained during class and graduation can be simplified greatly. A quick trip to the kitchen and a sharp blow with a cross-peen hammer and VOILA!.

The Religious Right as a whole and individually is acting the same as it always has: foaming at the mouth, flailing like a drunken hooker in a pig waller at everything that isn’t to their liking. You know, all that post McCarthy bullshit. No change here except a lot of them are managing to get elected to public office. Scary.

If this gives you the impression I’m stalling then you’re half right. More has changed in the last decade or so than can be recounted in a single letter, or for that matter a single book. You have a lot of catching up to do and for this I can only offer my sympathy.

Blood & Stitches,

The Old Monster

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whispering Spirits

Until last night, I suppose the scariest thing I ever saw was in the summer of 1977. My little brother Tommy, Greg Boutter and Danny Harbin (or Leadbutt as we called him because he moved so slow) and myself were down by Black Oak Creek. The Creek, so called because of the fire that raged through these parts a long time ago (my dad said sometime around 1900), wasn’t much more than a stream starting just south of Elberta and never making it into Miflin, which wasn’t more than a mile or two south of Elberta itself.

We built the tree house in an old oak tree east of the creek, pretending we were defending the land from the Indians and keeping the creek water safe for the people inside the fort. Keeping them safe from the ghosts that were supposed to haunt these woods. There were ghosts, what with people dying in the fire, but we weren’t afraid. We were soldiers. Besides, there were
four of us, and together we could kick any apparition’s butt, especially if we were safe behind the walls of our tree house.

We had regular guards posted at the foot of the tree, between the fort and the creek. The remainder of us soldiers kept the tree house headquarters in top military shape. As usually happened, we made Tommy stand guard while Greg, Leadbutt and myself read and debated the newest adventures of Spiderman and The Avengers..

Read Harvest Moon by Ray Kolb at get the free doownload.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ever Day Fiction

Dangerous Skies, by Gustavo Bondoni on everyday

blogtalk radio: Kim's latest press release

Event: Chat with Charlotte Hughes
"author of Nutcase"
What: Informational Meeting
Host: Introducing WRITERS! radio show
Start Time: Tuesday, April 14 at 5:30pm
End Time: Tuesday, April 14 at 6:30pm

Sunday, April 12, 2009

from armand rosamilla

"Vermin" eBook Horror anthology Reading Period Opening
Yesterday at 9:28am
Passing along some information for my fellow Horror writers out there...

Rymfire eBooks Anthology Info

Horror eBook anthology - "Vermin"

Reading period will be April 15th - July 15th 2009

Stories submitted before the reading date or after the reading dates will be returned unread, NO EXCEPTIONS!

What the "Vermin" anthology's theme will be...

Stories about those tiny, menacing feet inside the walls, creatures watching you from the darkenss of the halls at midnight... you tell me, and make it creepy! And PLEASE no generic 'rat-creature in the attic, kills the exterminator, etc.' tales... be original!

Length and submission...

We are looking for tales in the 2,500-7,500 word range. Nothing more, nothing less. We will return (unread) anything not within these guidelines. You can submit a story as either an attachment to the e-mail address in Word or in the body of an e-mail. We do NOT accept snail mail. Please put "Vermin Sub" in the subject of the e-mail and give a word count in the e-mail itself, even if the story also has it listed. Our reading time is usually 6-8 weeks NO multiple submissions, NO exceptions. Reprints accepted.

Payment info...

We pay $3.00* for each story accepted via PayPal. That's it. We are a brand new eBook-only publisher looking to get the name out there and get some quality releases under our belts without making the mistake of so many other small-press publishers and overdoing it in the beginning. We pay everyone once the anthology has been officially filled. If this is acceptable, kindly submit to us.

* Our eBooks will generally sell for around $2.99... we offer the $3.00 flat rate, but an author can earn royalties after each 150 eBooks sold as follows:
~ 1-149 eBooks sold = $3.00 flat advance
~ 150-300 eBooks sold = an additional $3.00 per author
~ 301-450 eBooks sold = a additional $3.00 per author
~ 451-600 eBooks sold = You get the idea...
ALL of the authors will receive monthly sales statements to see where your eBook stands and how your sales compare to the other anthologies

Rymfire eBooks Website

Friday, April 10, 2009

talk talk talk

so nice to see the thread for witchfinder.

kim smith is broadcasting on blogradio tonight. cool

met someone through facebook who suggested doing a wikipedia and did one on himself. cool idea.

may do one on whispering spirits, diana casy, daverana, all our authors, flashing swords mag, ect.

weather front

came through last night. grr...

gonna take it easy for a few days and just fool around.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

a new site for writers. I posted "Green Like Her Eyes".

Monday, April 06, 2009

Brooke interviews Paul Levine

Please Welcome Author Paul Levine!

Please help me to welcome author, Paul Levine. This former lawyer’s many books have been acclaimed as “Genuinely Chilling” by the Washington Post and as “Mystery Writing at its very, very best” by Larry King on USA Today.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

on the web...

Molly Harper Release

Release Day Round-Up

Thanks to all that have purchased NICE GIRLS DON'T HAVE FANGS in these first few days. And to those who have left comments on my blog and web site. I still can't believe the book is out on the shelves!

and sold out in a few bookstores...

Kim Smith Hosting Bob Farley on Blogtalkradio

Upcoming Episodes
Techno-thriller author, Bob Farley

Introducing WRITERS!

Date / Time: 4/5/2009 2:00 PM

Category: Writing

Call-in Number: (646) 478-0319

Robert(Bob) Farley will be with me to talk about his extranormal techno thriller, THRIPZ. I hope you will check out his website, and read the first few chapters FREE!

Mark Your Calenders!