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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pirates? Yessss.

Christopher Moody

You are 48 %Treasurer, have 71% Seafairability, crave 65% Bloodlusting, and lust 32% in Wenchwanting!

Captain Moody you scalleywag, you! You crave only two things in life, bathing in the blood of your victims and sailing the high seas. While these two are good in themselves, you need to expand your horizons to your whores and plunder. I know you enjoy the fear your name and flag brings to Merchant Vessels, Royal Navy Officers, and Privateers; red meaning no quarter given and your idea of a symbolic sick joke: 'Your Time Alive Flies Away by the Hand of my Sword'. The truth is, Moody, anyone can be a good sailor and kill his enemies, but to be a real pirate you need to rape and pillage, and you're just not cutting it.

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