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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Sojourn Chronicles began in Wizard's Bane with Dale, a member of Intergalactic Patrol, materializing in a garbage dump. Bereft of his powers and chased by a horde of blood thirsty creatures known as Gorg. he set out to try and find a way home.

But the universe had other ideas.

A simply quest to get back to the fleet turned into a major undertaking - to save the world from certain destruction. Fortunately, Dale gained the help of several people who joined him on his journey. Unfortunately, none of them had any idea how they were supposed to stop the unstoppable.

Little by little the riddles have untangled, and The Lost Lands finds the company approaching their goal - the shining castle of King Yaybar, located at the heart of everything.

But the Gorg are on the move, King Yaybar is still hundreds of miles away, the only transportation that the party has is their feet and their dragon, Qhui, has vanished.

Will they make it in time? Or will all their hard work prove to have been in vain? Only time will tell.