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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Putting together a new e zine

Friday, November 13, 2009

With Many Shades: JUPITER

With Many Shades: JUPITER
Reviews!! Sweet!!!
Advertising can be obnoxious - CMA Awards & Twitter
Posted by: "Morgan Mandel" morganmandel
Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:35 am (PST)

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CMA Awards & Twitter - http://morganmandel .blogspot. com

Morgan Mandel

http://www.morganma, http://morganmandel .blogspot. com http://choiceonepub , http://twitter. com/morganmandel
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Posted by: "Rachel Smith" bitten_by_books
Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:46 am (PST)

11/11 Release Party, Chat and Contest with Author Marianne Mancusi. Event
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Rachel Smith - Deputy Director of Reviews and Digital Strategy

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Horrorgy: Spotlight On Horror

Horrorgy: Spotlight On Horror

Bitten by Books » Events

Bitten by Books » Events:

"11/16 - Sharon Ashwood - release party/ contest"11/16 - Sharon Ashwood - release party/ contest

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Book out in Jan

Gots a book coming out in Jan., but not sure which one. I write dark fantasy, comedic fantasy and horror/urban fantasy.

I have 5 books in the dragon thing series, one dark fantasy book and one horror that have been accepted by the publisher, but since she's a personal friend I told her to bring them out however and whenever she wanted to so she can use them to strengthen her catalog.

Dragon Creed
introduces the main characters,
Dragon Insurrection shows them fighting their local govt for rights,
Dragon at Law has one of the characters accused of murder and another defending him,
Dragon Rampage brings the trial to its conclusion,
Damned Dragon follows one of the characters into Dragon Hell as he tries to escape.

Deathwind is a historical dark fantasy which follows an old mage on his quest for redemption.

Tina's Moon is a horror story with urban fantasy elements. It is set on the Texas Coastal Bend.

Will post an update when more news is available.

Goodreads | Bitten_by_Books - The United States

Goodreads | Bitten_by_Books - The United States

Goodreads | Release Party, Chat and Contest with Author Marianne Mancusi

Goodreads | Release Party, Chat and Contest with Author Marianne Mancusi

Monday, November 02, 2009

Abandoned Towers

Abandoned Towers #4 is packed full of all sorts of goodies you don't want to miss.

Starting with the front cover with is a very cool painting by M.D. Jackson based on the featured story, A Warm Welcome By Rob Mancebo. Here's an excerpt:

Looking down the ugly barrels of that bartender's scattergun sort-of made me reassess my craving for a drink.
"Are you planning on going hunting, ol' hoss?" I inquired politely of the whiskered gent with the cellulite collar at the other end of that twelve gauge.
"Naw, I think I done found what I was looking for," he replied with an irritating amount of smugness in his voice.
I looked around the Number One saloon like some sort of an idiot. It was vacant except for him and me, so it was pretty obvious just who he thought he'd found.
"Say now, you couldn't be hunting me." I wasn't overly articulate because the business end of that sawed-off shotgun looked as big as a pair of stove pipes!
I was sure ready to try to talk my way out of getting my head blown off so I added, "I haven't been in town long enough to bruise nobody's feelings."
"We hang thieves in this country!" he informed me with a wave of that shotgun. "Drop them guns and hoist your hands!"
I hadn't a clue as to what he was talking about. I put my hands up, then remembered he'd told me to drop my guns so I began to lower them again, at which point he objected in the crude vernacular such as a body is liable to hear in saloons.
"Well do you want I should drop these Colts or not?" I demanded.
"I'll get them," he came around the bar in a huff and put those cavernous barrels under my nose while he fumbled at my left-hand gunstock. It was something of a tactical error on his part. When he glanced down to find that gun, I dropped my left hand across the action of his shotgun and took hold.

Other fiction pieces include Recall by Shawn Scarber, The Final Wave by TW Williams, Penderfyn's Goal by David M Pitchford and Central Park by Badley H. Sinor.

In issue #4 you'll also find a nice selection of poems such as Forgotten Friendships: A Voice of Arthur Pendragon by Chad Weiss and Goya’s Painted Faces by John William Rice.

Nonfiction articles include a short piece by Lyn McConchie that discusses the creativity of New Zelanders entitled Number Eight Wire and a scrumptious set of recipies that Jaleta Clegg calls Sherezade's Repast.

Remember you will never find anything that's in one of the print issues online, so if you don't want to miss out on all this coolness you gotta buy the issue.

Don't wait. Don't put things off. Get several copies and give a few as gifts. You can purchase AT #4 at this link: