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Friday, May 22, 2009

J. A. Konrath's tips for touring

Saturday, May 09, 2009

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Not enough Space and Time
by Robert J. Santa

It's fitting I find myself reviewing the Summer 2009 issue of Space and Time while I'm in the middle of my Spring Cleaning. After going through the girls' bedroom and discovering too many clothes and shoes that don't fit, stuffed into drawers and piled on shelves, boxes under the bed overflowing with toys and fuzzy animals things, hats and belts they never wear...I've learned I don't have enough space in my life. And it goes without saying we could all use a little more time, especially the kind needed to pursue my favorite pastime: reading. So with a box of shoes and two bags of clothes bound for the Salvation Army as a footrest, I settle into my favorite chair with issue #107.

First and foremost: love the cover artwork! It's classic pulp science fiction. A bikini-clad girl kneels beside a swimming pool, hand covering mouth, eyes wide with shock. Tentacled skulls the same color as her swimsuit bob in the pool, the nearest grinning and leering. It's all set at a Hitchcockian angle, and it immediately brought to mind the kind of bug-eyed monster, girl-thrown-over-shoulder covers I used to find in the used book stores of my youth....