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Saturday, December 13, 2014

J. Michael Favreau, Author | MY NOVELS

J. Michael Favreau, Author | MY NOVELS

My Novels

one of the Jordan Rose Dueology, Break Away is a character driven
science-fiction story of love lost, of resolve, of digging deeper than
you thought possible until you find the strength not to crumble, and
ultimately, of surviving even when you think you have no hope left.  It
is the first novel in a two novel series chronicling the adventures of
my heroine, Rose.

Rose has only been a police
officer in northern Maine for two years when her world is suddenly
ripped apart by a deadly new disease out of New York City.  All who are
infected by this new disease are rapidly reduced to husks of their
former selves leaving only rabid wild beasts bent on death and
destruction.  After her wife’s gruesome and violent death, Rose learns
that she is immune and must decide whether to sacrifice herself for a
cure or fight to survive.  Rose’s choices set in motion a desperate trek
north into the solitary deep woods of Northern Quebec where she must
elude capture by an unchecked CDC, the military, and bands of impetuous

is the follow-up to "Break Away" and concludes the Jordan Rose
Dueology.  Rose and companion Jamie begin another journey back to
Jamie's home town two years after the deadly outbreak that erradicated
the human race.  
two years have been enough for the infected to die off?  Are there
others that survived?  After surviving so much for so long, Rose faces
her greatest challenge yet in the thrilling conclusion to the series!

Cover art by Fiona Jayde Media


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