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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


by Mark Orr

"He's here again."


"That guy over there. Creepy Joe."

"Oh, joy."


"Why does he hang around here?"

"He likes emergency rooms."


"I asked him that once. He said it's like what Willy Sutton said when they asked why he robbed banks."

"Which was?"

"He said, 'That's where they keep the money'."


"So, Creepy Joe said he hangs around emergency rooms because that's where they keep the pain."

by Mark Orr

It may be that printing the instructions in Urdu was not a good idea. By the time Wilson Anderson finished putting together what started out to be a kid's bike, it was actually something altogether different.

Which is why the first time Junior hopped on and spun the pedals backwards while simultaneously holding down the right hand brake, the Tyrannosaurus Rex crossed 65 million years and showed up very unexpectedly on Main Street.

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