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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Award Scams | Cussedness Corner Steven Beeho guests

Award Scams | Cussedness Corner

Guest post by Steven Beeho. Coming next week a deeper digging from another angle by  another Steven, Steven Saus.)
Here’s to my wealth of Stevens. Mr. Beeho is the author of Big Bad Man and other tales.

Congratulations. For reading this article, I hereby declare you the winner of this decade’s Article Reader of the Internet. This award is newly created by me and without any merit whatsoever, but feel free to brag about something you didn’t get fairly or honestly. Because that works, right?
There’s no merit to it. Nothing to show you earned this. No indication that you have been judged by your peers and found worthy of notice. This is what people crave. Awards have meaning only due to the weight behind them placed there by those bestowing it or those who have won it before you. You hope that serious thought has gone into the giving of such a thing, and that those who thought about it knew what the hell they were doing.
But people still want that recognition, and others know it. So you can dangle that shiny trinket and lure them in. Hey, want an award? Want something to show off? Wait, you don’t care about what it means or who decided to give it to you? You just want something to make you feel worthy? . . ."

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