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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Daverana Enterprises 2013

Daverana Enterprises 2013

 We're finally on our feet. My long fight with depression did not help us at all, but that's in the past now. So you will see more updates and far more often. We're branching into print next month.

January's ebooks included:
Sojourners in Shadow by Steven Beeho
A collection of tales set on a post-apocalyptic Earth where monsters, mutants and machines battle the fragmented remains of humanity. Science and magic vie for supremacy as the conflict spreads across the globe. Follow the paths of the survivors: Lone warriors, seekers of power, defenders of the weak and predators of the helpless, leaders guiding their people with wisdom or ruthless intent.

Dark Corners by Theresa Curnow
Short stories about the concealed, the sinister and the supernatural. A man sees things nobody else can see: demonic creatures. A witch's curse hunts a young woman. Something is scratching inside the walls of Sylvia's new house: is something trying to get out? Ghost hunters find more than they bargained for. Is Eve being taken by aliens, or something more horrifying. Grocery shopping goes to hell.

Among the Dead by Tim Willard

Marion Lefferts, a ranch hand and Texas gentlemen, leaves the dubious safety of the ranch to explore North Texas in the wake of a zombie uprising that has left humanity devastated. With a horse and shotgun he takes to the road to see what is out there, and maybe find some remnant of the US or Texas government

Loyalty of Wolves by Janrae Frank

This book opens six months after the end of the Lycan Blood series. King Kynyr and Jordan Sinclair, Grand Master of the Knights of St. Todd, are dealing with the expanding invasion of Red Wolf led by the ancient vampire, Lord Hoon. Meanwhile, Tremayne Doherty, who actually has a better claim to the lycan throne than Kynyr, views him as a usurper and is planning treachery at the King's court.

This is my first new lycan novel since 08 when I pulled my rights from Renebooks.

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