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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Book out in Jan

Gots a book coming out in Jan., but not sure which one. I write dark fantasy, comedic fantasy and horror/urban fantasy.

I have 5 books in the dragon thing series, one dark fantasy book and one horror that have been accepted by the publisher, but since she's a personal friend I told her to bring them out however and whenever she wanted to so she can use them to strengthen her catalog.

Dragon Creed
introduces the main characters,
Dragon Insurrection shows them fighting their local govt for rights,
Dragon at Law has one of the characters accused of murder and another defending him,
Dragon Rampage brings the trial to its conclusion,
Damned Dragon follows one of the characters into Dragon Hell as he tries to escape.

Deathwind is a historical dark fantasy which follows an old mage on his quest for redemption.

Tina's Moon is a horror story with urban fantasy elements. It is set on the Texas Coastal Bend.

Will post an update when more news is available.

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