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Monday, September 07, 2009

Time in a Bottle, Vol. 1

ghost posts - Time in a Bottle, Vol. 1

Time in a Bottle, Vol 1

Time in a Bottle - Volume 1 TOC :: SFReader Forums

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From Crystalwizard:

Thought you might like a look at the table of contents for volume 1 of the Time in a Bottle anthology. So here it is:

Goblin Lullabye by Jim C. Hines
Two Seconds Ahead by Rob Rosen
After Nightfall (a Ydaire Story) by Jonathan Shipley
Dallas Through the Looking Glass by Ken Goldman
Saving the World From Sleeping In by Rachesl Swirsky
The Time Machine by Courtney Burback
Of Fire and Time by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Reparations by Merrie Haskell
The Time Traveler's Happily Ever After by Jordan Lapp
The Second Gift by Seth Skorkowsky
An Honorable Race by Colin P. Davies

The Neverstone by K.C. Shaw
The Worth of a Man by Lyn McC
Azieran: The Seal of Mon'Ta'Set by Christopher Heath
The Master of Time by James S. Dorr
What Does Luck Taste Like? by Danny Birt

The Plot to Kill Claus by Erik Lenhart
On Camlann Field by Charles Kyffhausen
Zen and the Art of Time Travel by Robert Neilson

Now, you notice I said volume 1? We had so many submissions that were good and that we hated to pass on that we're doing more than one volume. Not sure how many just yet. I'll keep you posted.

I'll also update this thread when Volume 1 is finally in print.

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