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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Resident Aliens interviews Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr
Interviewing Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr

WhenSkyFellWhen The Sky Fell (Silver Leaf, 2009)
by Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr

The year is 2217, and Commander Frank Yamane is the captain of the stellar cruiser, Corona, stationed at Titan. A battle-hardened man who has experienced a series of personal tragedies, Yamane is guilt-ridden over his inability to prevent the death of his beloved wife, Liana. Plagued with doubts regarding his ability to lead, he will soon face the ultimate crisis when an alien race known as the Deravans attack the Earth without mercy. Knowing he cannot stop them alone, Yamane has no choice but to seek the assistance of an enemy he helped defeat in a war ten years before. The problem is, Commander Yamane knows they have every reason not to come to Earth’s rescue.

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